Student Exchange Programs at SIIT
Exchange Program Requirements
  • Eligible students should have a C-GPA and an English proficiency test score that meet the requirement: Download Here
  • Applicants must have good conduct with no academic record of misconduct. Applicants need a recommendation letter from the academic advisor from their program, to certify that the students are qualified to apply for the student exchange program.
  • Required documents for applications:
    • Letter of application detailing study or research plans and time frame
    • Frontpage of passport which includes all important information: Passport, e.g. extension of the passport
    • Resume
    • English Proficiency test score (TOEFL or IELTS, or an equivalent)
    • Recommendation letter from an academic advisor (must be sent directly from the advisor to the International Affairs and Corporate Relations Division)
    • Certificate of registration
    • Transcript of records and, if applicable, university degree certificate

Remark :
  • Students who are recipients of needy scholarships and/or loans should not apply for this program since they need more than 150,000 baht in order to participate in the program.
  • Any special requirements could be revised by a head of school but not lower than the specific criteria.