Instruction for the online application form for Master's and Doctoral degree program

1. Filling in online application form:

- Apply more than one scholarship program

You can apply only one program from one of the application periods.                            

- No university name in the list:

If you cannot find your university name in the list, please select "Other" instead.

- University rank:

If you cannot find the university rank, please fill "-" in the provided box for university rank, instead.

- No nationality and country in the list:

Please select "Other" to fill in this information, instead.

-  How to select SIIT Potential advisor

Please select academic SIIT Potential advisor who you are interested in their research area or field of interest.

For more details of our faculty members, please visit:

- No English Proficiency Test

You can apply for the program without the English Placement test score but you are requested to submit it before the 1st semester ends after you are admitted to study at SIIT, Thammasat University.


2. Letter of recommendation:

        * Please provide your referees’ official/professional email addresses (email address given                by their institute/company/university) in the referees’ information section of the online                      application form. Personal email addresses are not allowed.

-Your referees will receive an email from regarding submitting a letter of recommendation online for you, please ask them to check it from their inbox and junk mail.

-If your referees do not receive an email and a link for letter of recommendation online, please contact us at

-Your referees can submit letter of recommendation online within 2 weeks after the application deadline.


3. Login to the online application for:

Please visit the provided website for login as follow:

*** Please use your email address (for username) and passport number or Citizen ID number (for password) to login the admission system.

3.1. Check and edit your online application:

You can check and edit any information in the online application form except this information:

- Program

- Email address

- Citizen ID or Passport Number

- Referee's email address

If you would like to change the mentioned information, please contact us before the application deadline at: and the information will be deleted. After that, you have to reapply for the online application form.

3.2. Error of the online application form:

After applying for the online application with an error during the application process and you try to reapply and submit it, there will be a message shown that “The email address or passport number has already existed”. You are suggesting to login and check your application.

3.3. Result of the application:

You can check the result of the application as announced period of each type of admission at:

Remark: The successful candidates will be notified of the admission by email within 1 week after the announcement of successful candidates.