The required documents are following:

  1. New student registration form of TU, manual (student ID required).
  2. A copy of your Thai identity card (for Thais) or passport (for non-Thais) with signature.
  3. High school official transcript or degree certificate (graduation date must be specified).
  4. (If any) A copy of changing your name and/or surname documents (in the case that the information on your education documents are different from the information on your Thai identity card or passport).
  5. A medical examination report issued by the government or private hospitals (including lung X-ray results).
  6. Education verification form, download the form of document verification at (student ID required).
  7. 1.5 or 2 inch color photo in TU uniform. Save as .JPG file and name it as your student ID number.


For more details, please visit: New Undergraduate Students

Contact us:

Academic Services and Registration Division, 2nd Floor, Main building, Rangsit Campus

Tel: 02-9869009 Ext. 1331-1335

Fax: 02-9869009 Ext. 1340