Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology reserves the rights to revise the tuition and educational support fees and to establish new fees as may be required by increased costs of providing educational services.
Tuition Fees 
Tuition fees include charges for services directly and indirectly related to instruction, such as classroom facilities, lecturing, publications, counseling, placement, etc., but does not cover the cost of damage to or loss of university property. 

External Students (Baht/Credit)

  Tuition fees for an external student who is also a degree student of SIIT Tuition fees for an external student who is a degree student of TU Tuition fees for an external student who is not a degree student of TU
ID 64 onwards ID 63 ID 64 onwards ID 63 ID 64 onwards ID 63
 An Undergraduate Lecture Course 3,370 3,300 3,370 3,300 4,500 4,400
 An Undergraduate Laboratory Course 4,590 4,500 4,590 4,500 5,600 5,500

ID 58 - 64 (SIIT Students)

SIIT Students (Baht/Credit)
      ID 64         ID 63     ID 58 - 62
Lecture Course 3,370 3,300 3,100
Lab Course 4,590 4,500 4,200

Educational Support Fees
These fees provide funds for library, computer facilities, equipment, student services and activities, athletic facilities, etc.

ID 58 - 62 Fees: 28,105 Baht per semester

ID 63 Fees: 29,900 Baht per semester

ID 64 Fees: 30,500 Baht per semester

Approximately, the total tuition and educational support fees per semester is 95,910 Baht. The actual amount depends on the number of credits registered in each semester.

ID 65 onwards

Flat-Rate Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Students under the 2022 Undergraduate Curriculums Onwards

    Semester       Conditions   Flat-Rate Tuition Fee USD* EUR*
(baht / semester)
Regular     1st – 8th Semesters       97,200  $ 2,818   € 2,616 
    9th Semester onwards 58,300 $ 1,690 € 1,569
Summer     Register no more than 3 credits        12,100   $ 351   € 326
    Register more than 3 credits 22,200   $ 644   € 597

*As of June 1, 2022: Exchange Rate 34.4972 baht = 1 USD or Exchange Rate 37.1627 baht = 1 EUR

Damage Deposit
A deposit of 5,000 Baht is collected from a new student for damaged equipment and non-returned library books. The deposit, after reduction of damages caused by the student, is returned to the student when he/she graduates or leaves SIIT.
Matriculation Fee
A one-time fee of 400 Baht is collected by TU as the matriculation fee.

Fine on Unpaid Fees
Any outstanding balance of the tuition and educational support fees will be charged a fine at the rate of 0.05% per day starting from the first day after the addition/withdrawal period and at the rate of 0.1% per day starting from the first day of the midterm exam.
Status Maintaining Fee
A fee of 5,000 Baht per semester is charged during a student’s leave of absence.
Reinstatement Fee
A student who has resigned or has been dismissed due to non-academic reasons may apply for re-admission. A fee of 2,500 Baht is charged for readmission, in addition to payment of any previous outstanding debt.

Late Registration Fee  A fee of 45 Baht per day is charged for late registration.
Students may be subject to other fees such as a fee for late return of borrowed books, etc. For details, consult the Academic Services and Registration Division, Student Affairs and Alumni Relations Division, or Finance Division.

Payment Methods 

For cashier’s cheque or personal cheque :

Please make a cheque payable to "Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology”

For transferring money to :

Bangkok Bank
Benaficiary's name : Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology
Branch : Thammasat-Rangsit
Saving Account Number : 091-019400-0
Thai Military Bank
Benaficiary's name : Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology
Branch : Thammasat-Rangsit
Saving Account Number : 050-2-08189-6

Please send a copy of a payment slip by e-mail to and please give student's name and Student ID to be your reference, so that an official receipt can be issued.

For cash payment :

The maximum amount of cash payment to Finance Division is limited to 13,000 .- Baht