Admission Methods:

  1. SIIT entrance examinations including the Outstanding Student Program (OSP) The written portion covers Mathematics, Physics or General Science, and English. (October and May)
  2. An Entrance Examination offered by Thammasat University (December-January)
  3. Submission of National Test Scores (GAT/PAT or Common 9 subjects) (May)
  4. Submission of Standardized Test Scores:  SAT I, IB, IGCSE, GCE,  “O” or “A” Level, 6th or 7th Form, ACT, NCEA (January-June)
  5. Central University Admission System (CUAS) (May-June)  
  6. Transfer from other accredited universities 
Estimated Expenses for Bachelor’s Degree at SIIT
First semester (August-December) and Second semester (January-May)
 Approximate Expenses per Semester  THB  USD* EUR*
 Education Support Fees (Non-refundable)  
27,805  $870 €735 
 Tuition Fees (Maximum 22 credits/semester)       
 Fees per credit   65,000  $2,030 €1,710
- 3,100 Baht per lecture credit                      
- 4,200 Baht per lab credit 
 (For 21 credits)
 Total                       92,805  $2,900  €2,445 
*Cost of Living/month  6,000   $190  €160
*Accommodation/month   2,000 $65  €55